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Before we begin I recommend grabbing a good pair of air pods! Wireless AirPods have transformed my practice for the better.

Spotify Playlists

A comprehensive list of all of my yoga playlists! Each playlist has been (roughly) crafted to match every section of the flow, from the warm-up, through the peak, ending with a cooldown. The playlists are generally non-distracting and non-lyrical. 

Below is my personal yoga playlist. It's an ever-expanding list of higher-energy worldly beats. 

My 40-minute long go-to relaxing soundtrack. Each time I listen to it I'm teleported far away. It has a peaceful exploratory feel to it -as if you're alone on a foggy mountain. Perfect for rainy days.

......and many more below! So get on your mat, and start moving with the music. 

Relaxing Yoga/Hatha Flow

For when you need to relax with a slow flow. A mix of calming piano, movie themes, game themes, and lofi music. Earlier playlists may have some overlap. 

A general mix of my favorite relaxing songs. Part 4.

A general mix of my favorite relaxing songs. Part 3.

A general mix of my favorite relaxing songs. Part 2.

A general mix of my favorite relaxing songs. Part 1.

20-minute long Piano start by FKJ. Gorgeous arrangement. 

A pure relaxing Lofi playlist.

Lofi, Japanese inspired. Could also be an upbeat playlist. 

I designed this playlist for those slower, cozy winter days. 

Natural/earthy, mysterious and peaceful. 

A mix of a few gentle guitar tunes. Slightly tavern/medieval vibes.

Dreamy nostalgic lofi. 

Another game soundtrack. Feels like adventuring as a kid. Playful whispy relaxing tunes. As if you're sitting on a hill on a sunny day. (Or doing yoga on the hill!)

From a game with an amazing soundtrack. Medieval, wintery, cozy vibes.

Has the amazing song 'Salento' in it, which adds gentle fire and emotion to this playlist when it counts. Loads of piano, hints of 'Island Life' vibes.

Mix of Nostalgia and the feeling of being in a garden. Has one of my favorite tracks for Kurzgesagt 'Loneliness'.

Feels like you're underwater, dreamy piano and guitar. 

Lofi, paino and the up soundtrack!! Second 45-min track of 08.2022. 

Piano, guitar, dreamy. 

30-Min Version of the below.

More studio ghibli, quite a lot of piano. I love many of these songs, back to silence is in the perfect spot relative to a 45-min flow in this playlist. 

A 30-Minute version of the below. 

Similar to the below but shorter. Studio Ghibli music, final fantasy themes, some Lofi. Start with emotional slower tracks.

I think this was my very first playlist! Lofi, Studio Ghibli soundtracks and many gaming themes. 

Upbeat Yoga/Vinyasa Flows

For those sweaty vinyasa flows or fitness classes! More upbeat and restless, a couple of lyrical songs sprinkled within. 

Jungly, natural, summery. 

Starts slow but quickly turns upbeat with some jamming tracks! Can work for both a yoga & fitness session. Beats, upbeat Lofi, 'running' music genre. Feels like you're building something. Motivational. 

A lot of nice Lofi, jazz, etc.

Has the amazing song 'Salento' in it, which adds gentle fire and emotion to this playlist when it counts.

A more upbeat version of the above august 2020 relaxing tracks. 

Fitness Playlists

Playlists (some with lyrics) for a fitness class/yoga & fitness mix. 

Some absolute bangers. Some with lyrics but not too distracting. Dance-worthy. 

My Favourite YouTube Playlists

My go-to YouTube picks. A mix of game soundtracks and my favorite lofi and relaxing channels. 

All of my beloved studio ghibli tracks in beautiful, calming, and playful piano. 

One of my all-time favorite tracks. Beautiful faint piano that builds. PERFECT for savasana or meditation. Only 20 mins long. 

Like you're relaxing on a field. Eastern instruments. 

Relaxing dreamy natural beats. 

Calming, sleepy, dreamy, and nostalgic. The first song is not that strong but the playlist as a whole is 10/10.

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